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We are a group of former volunteers & individuals who are so inspired by our collective personal experiences with Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN) that we want to keep supporting this great cause and share it with others, perhaps with you.

Meet our Board Members:



Dee Chapon


Vice President:

Janelle Jones



Drew Przyuski



Ken Moore


Board Member:

Sadie Green



Board Member:

Thomas Jones



"My time in Kathmandu changed my life and the program offered by Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN) was the gateway to that change. Inspired by my experience, my husband also went to Nepal through a program with VIN and lived with a host family in a small village, teaching English at a local school.

When he returned, we decided that we wanted to help VIN in any way we could, even if we were on the other side of the world. We teamed up with some other former volunteers and formed Friends of VIN, a separate but "sister" organization to VIN, established in the United States as a non-profit as of 2011.

We are a small but mighty group whose collective experience opened our minds and hearts and motivated us to try and make a difference. Our mission is to positively affect the lives of marginalized women and children in Nepal, whether that’s through raising funds for various programs or encouraging volunteerism through VIN."

~ Janelle Jones, Teaching English in Buddhist Monastery, 2007



To raise funds, awareness, and otherwise support programs to empower marginalized  communities in Nepal, with a focus on women and children, through enhanced educational programs and community training to promote equality, economic well-being, and basic human rights.


In 2009, our current Board President was a volunteer in Nepal with VIN.  Inspired by the work being done by VIN, she decided to contact other former VIN volunteers to see how she and others could continue to support VIN and the Nepalese people they had served.  Realizing that by becoming a tax deductible non profit in the U.S., raising funds and other support might be easier, we proceeded to form an organization and apply for our 501(c)(3)   status.  The application was approved by the IRS in July, 2011.  The Board, which was originally made up of former volunteers, has been expanded with additional members having a strong affinity for Nepal and its people.  Currently, the Board of Directors is made up of 8 members, representing various professional skills and expertise.

FVIN is currently not set up as a “membership” organization, but welcomes support and networking with former volunteers in Nepal and all people with a like minded vision of supporting women and children in Nepal.



Friends of Volunteers Initiative Nepal (FVIN), incorporated in Hawaii on 07/08/2010,is a non-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) status established in the United States to assist projects in marginal communities in Nepal. FVIN is independent from Volunteers Initiative Nepal, and has its own board of directors. FVIN accepts donations for the purpose of providing grants to charitable projects and programs in Nepal in compliance with our tax exempt status. 

Any Nepalese-based charity (including VIN) must apply for a grant to receive funds. The board of directors will vote on grant applications and either approve or reject them based on their merits and alignment with our stated mission. The discretion of the board of directors is final. In other words, FVIN has exclusive legal control over all funds raised – that way our donors know where their money goes! Details of grants awarded, along with informative updates on the specific project or program, will be posted on our website. You will see the difference you are making!


All donations given to FVIN go directly to programs in Nepal.  VIN and other Nepalese organizations wanting support from FVIN must apply for funds through FVIN’s grant application procedure.  Once an application is approved, funds are wired to the organization’s bank (minus the bank's wire fee). All donations go directly to support local Nepalese programs and are tracked by the Board. 

Please email friendsofvin@gmail.com for more information on the grant application process. 


Hawaii, 7/8/2010     

Financial Report Link:  For financial reports, July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011, please email us at



We would love to hear from you!

It only takes one person to get things moving in the right direction. Whether you are a former VIN volunteer, want to be a future VIN volunteer, or simply want to help empower women and children in Nepal, it’s easy to take the first step. Please email friendsofvin@gmail.com, and let us know how you’d like to be involved, and we’ll help you get started!

Friends of Volunteers Initiative Nepal
190 Haiku Rd.
Haiku, Hi 96708

Phone: 808-575-9754

Email: friendsofvin@gmail.com


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