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Overview: About Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN)

History: VIN has been mobilizing teams of international and local volunteers working together in its various programs since 2007. 18 volunteering and 5 internship programs have been formed and are on-going, as well as opportunities to volunteer through a travel and trekking program.
Locations: The unique teaming of local and international volunteers with a whole community focus have helped make a sustainable difference and improvement in the lives of Nepali people in one of the most disadvantaged communities just outside Kathmandu,  Jitpurphedi VDC.  In 2012, VIN initiated a second community-wide project  in the Okhaldhunga district, 485 km north-east to Kathmandu.
Community-Based Programs: The majority of VIN’s volunteering and internship programs are community-based, meaning your participation takes place in the community itself, furthering VIN’s mission of sustainable community development.  For example, in 2011, 76 volunteers and 10 interns were hosted by VIN. Altogether they participated in fifteen different programs, making a substantial impact in the lives of Nepali people. 
Buddhist Monasteries & Nunneries: Although VIN's main focus is on development projects within the rural community, VIN also provides volunteer placement opportunities in monasteries and nunneries. This program helps educate young monks and nuns in conversational English, as well as developing their life skills and providing an opportunity to participate in creative activities. 
Volunteers are placed in the monastery or nunnery in which they are teaching, and in addition to receiving food and accommodation, they are also able to witness and gain a fascinating insight into Tibetan Buddhist practices and rituals.


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Are you a working professional or active retiree?

VIN needs you!



Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN) is built on teams of volunteers – local and international. This has allowed VIN to accomplish incredible progress since 2007, when they first began their programs.  While these volunteers have come for as little as twoweeks, with skills as simple as speaking English, VIN now needs specific volunteers with skills, expertise and knowledge in sectors which would otherwise be difficult to get from local staff and volunteers. Some specific skills and / or attributes needed at this time include:

Specific Attributes:

Middle-aged or Actively Retired persons with time to travel and a Desire to Contribute, regardless of specific skills.

Gap-Group people between careers – wanting a ‘break’ and re-connection with the world in some way

Working Professionals on sabbatical

‘Boomers’ looking for a new, stimulating way to contribute and give back to those less fortunate

Specific Skills:

Teacher Trainers, I.T. Professionals (website builders and promoters), Grant writers and Fundraisers, G.P. Medical Doctors,  Nurses, Management Consultants & Volunteer Coordinators (persons with people-management skills).

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View Volunteer Programs, Internships & Trekking Opportunities

Why Active Retirees & Working Professionals Needs VIN!

Make a Real Difference Volunteering in Nepal

ann_wilson_quote.jpgWhether you are a retiree, working professional or student there is a volunteer program, internship or trekking opportunity with Volunteers Initiative Nepal that is sure to inspire your passion. These are genuine opportunities to live and work with the people of Nepal, and make a real difference in their lives. Explore the possibilities below!

VIN Volunteer Programs

Child Care: Early Childhood Development Environment & Agroforestry Nepal Teacher Development Volunteer Coordinator
Child Care: Orphanage Homes Environment: Water Project Research Allocation & Conflict Office Administration Volunteer on Agro Farm
Children's Clubs Facilitation Fundraising & Grant Writing Summer Volunteer Program Women's Empowerment
Computer Technology Health/Medical Care Teaching English in Nepal - Community Schools

Working with Deaf & Disabled People

Construction & Manual Work Language/Culture Home Stay Teaching English at a Buddhist Monastery/Nunnery Youth Empowerment

VIN Internship Programs

Community Health & Education Environment/Conservation Education Health and Medical Internships International Jouralism Internships Women's Empowerment Studies

VIN Travel & Trekking Programs

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Annapurna Circuit Trek Base Camp Charity Treks Everest Base Camp Trek Volunteer and Travel Tour Nepal


Read the testimonials from former volunteers

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A Day in the Life of a VIN Volunteer

Read the real-life account of the experience of a former VIN volunteer, Thomas J. (English Teacher, Nepal, 2011)



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